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Breitling Bentley Continental GT Chronograph pure ice

Breitling Bentley then offer to join when weight gift! All white “pure ice” design, crafted luxury watch circle, unsurpassed performance – The new Breitling Bentley Continental GT pure ice chronograph watch with pure ice Continental GT Racing Chronograph, the British aristocracy elegance and exquisite handmade Swiss watchmaking seamless.

Icebreakers and relaxation of the white wizard


The new Bentley Continental GT Breitling chronograph with pure ice Continental GT Racing Chronograph watches are made ​​of pure ice Bentley’s unique pure ice color – both original and elegant watch with ice white dial, and the same color ice white rubber strap . All white “pure ice” design, like ice-breaking and Chi white wizard. Zhen’s more compact size design, exquisite and delicate still significant, unique. Gestures, filling the elegant style of the wearer.


Delicate essence of prestigious


And other Breitling Bentley Series Breitling for Bentley watch as pure ice Bentley Continental GT and Continental GT Racing Chronograph Chronograph pure ice also has meticulous surface treatment.


Both watches are decorated with silver bezel frame, its design from the Bentley Continental GT dashboard; knurled bezel decoration inherited from the iconic Bentley control buttons ornamentation. Bentley Continental GT Chronograph pure ice with a full polished stainless steel case , in accordance with Bentley dazzling metallic luster tone; Bentley Continental GT Racing Chronograph pure ice after the case is matte frosted with table side polishing processing complement each other, the bottom cover engraved with relief decoration more Bentley Continental GT models profile. Bentley Grand Tourer tradition whereby the essence of power and elegance vividly.


Lean cast excellence


Adhering Breitling watch Zhen consistent performance, these two watches are equipped by the Swiss official Observatory certified (COSC) Breitling 13B self-winding chronograph movement . 3 o’clock with two large windows show the week and date. Breitling exclusive design of a “variable tachometer” by bidirectional rotating bezel control: This system is used simultaneously with the timer, regardless of time, distance and speed average value calculations can be easily achieved by rotating the bezel. Excellent performance, comfortable wrist.

Introduction to watch investment

I want to step into the bell table investment and collection how much money you need in this area? This is all very concerned about the topic, in fact, dollars ten thousand yuan also playable happily.

1: Watch invested $ 10,000 entry admission

Introduction to watch investment

Watches reveal the identity has been transformed into fashion accessories

  Now is a good time

Unlike the stock market investment and collection watches so very nervous, it has a certain international market, price transparency, not because of a single event can not predict the impact of the drain. Art investment and collection has always been a very hot topic in Asia has long been an unmistakable boom, especially the rise of China, Russia, India and other emerging buyers, reviving the market. From the pre-auction exhibition overcrowded scene did not see the downturn in the economy, of which the timepiece is the most precious commodities to hedge against inflation. If you now will be seen as the watch timer would be too out of date, highlight the identity of the watch has been transformed into a fashion accessory, or for collection, preservation and investment, and promoted to the level of art, even if the global recession, with technology value Popular watch is still hard to find a table, and competing owned by investors.

1985 mechanical watch market recovery to bring unlimited business opportunities, this trend spread from Asia, Europe to the world, by the simple functions of mechanical watches to all kinds of complicated watch, from a variety of materials, to the avant-garde escapement structure design style, there are numerous, including the tourbillon mass production and the diversity of styles are bringing, reached its peak in 2000. Watches most hedge, it is due to the brand, function and watch the other, so the topic continued. Jewellery course Huali Gui gas, because of different brands, design and gem grade, the price may have a difference of night and day. And as long as the same brand watches, models, from north to south were unified price worldwide pricing is almost the same, so the watch is now known to have a unified pricing, one of the international market, but also the preservation of the world’s most precious commodity, some popular watch super priced to sell, even gross sales table stores cost may be too high, because it has such a characteristic, but in recent years has become a very popular investment targets.

In recent years, etc. by exchange rates, raw material and wage factors, all brands have price increases, on the watch market had a multiple impact. Even so, the past 10 years the amount of Swiss watch exports still grow annually at an excellent profit situation of each brand were constantly expand the plant and increase production capacity, new multi-brand, such as river carp, in addition to the exceptionally low price, independent watchmaker brand or take the high road of FP Journe, Philippe Dufour, etc. with the process and characteristics of the brand, is also extremely subject watches the players attention, a special watch or to wait in line for several years was able to start with, the buyer still bored.

Prepare a million dollars admission

When the watch is as an investment hedge against inflation targets, unhealthy and abnormal watches ecology so there now seems to have formed a bipolar effect, simply put, clocks are only two, that is, “Yes” and “No” are two distinct As a result, the so-called “right” refers to a line with market expectations and demands of the table, it’s the commonality is high brand awareness, unique, functional, preferably equipped with self- movement , meet these conditions usually watches hard to find a table. The so-called “right” of the table accounted for more than 90%, not its no features, but due to poor overall environment, consumers only after more rational to consider upgrading, whether quickly or with acceptable time being to undertake cash depreciation ratio, thus increasing willingness to buy conservative, these “right” watches come naturally popular.

Another important factor is the watch auction prices hit record highs, the auction results are often exciting and unexpected, sending shot clock line, the table can sell high price, the buyer may also be picked up cheap low price. Although the boom break at the end, but strictly speaking is still dominated by 2P and 1R, the former refers Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe) and Panerai ( Panerai ), 1R course Rolex ( Rolex ). In addition, Lange ( A. Lange & Sohne), Cartier ( Cartier ) special watch or Breguet ( Breguet ) antique clocks usually at high prices can drop hammer. The results of the auction of course about the sales of the new table, but also to take a glimpse of the brand’s position in the minds of the players, to say the three watch auction company auction will affect the current watch market too. From the well-known auction organized watches, jewelry, antiques and paintings attract thousands of buyers to preview the scene, you can know how to attract global attention.

Watch the so-called consumer, collectable and investment-type three, regardless of whether there is speculation or to support the market, because the two had, watches have continued to the topic, in order to continuously soaring prices. Consumer refers to a general watch on weekdays to wear, as long as one to start a new table, unless it is a limited amount of hot table, otherwise the price is usually to fall in the short term. Collectable mostly unique or limited edition watches, such as the world’s first automatic watch, tuning fork table, Hamilton ( Hamilton ) of Ventura and other antique table in the collection process are not to be missed. The investment type suggests that it is prepared to make money to buy a watch, it collectable watches have part overlapping, Thanks to a wave of investment, as the recent selling watches reasons. Watches prices only rise a long time, when the global table fans mad rush to buy, a few popular watches price that is way up, some of the watch when the watch players think there is room to rise also was willing to chase the high.

When buying 10 100 people want to watch, the price must be very good, but if one of the 50 people out of the market due to the financial turmoil, 50 people to fight 10 watches, the price still remains high, with PP in 5100 Case , the current second-hand price is the original price of the new table twice, without popular never wear watches even have been cut down the middle twice, which is Hengqiang weak constant weak cruel reality. Some of the players with the strength of the motivation to buy the table solely for the collection, the high price of complex menu at every turn over $ 300,000, collectors collection Yiping, but more generally can not achieve the purpose of the investment in the short term, because there is no purchasing power more touches in the dollar price of tens of thousands of watches and investment the more explosive store of value, as long as the brand is big enough topic there is usually hard to find a table.

Panerai equipped with antique Angelus movement 203 stainless steel 28 chain launched in 2005 when the pricing was about $ 20,000, the current market soared to $ 100,000, and its value-added in all stainless steel table ranked subsection First, the reason is very simple, and its rarity is high, there are auction record for its endorsement deal to become the world’s altar table “Steel King”, and if spend $ 100,000 to buy a tourbillon, really want to sell, and sometimes still do not know To whom? Visible charm popular watches.

I want to invest into the timepiece collections in this area and how much money you need? This is all very concerned about the topic, in fact, dollars ten thousand yuan also playable happily. Take advantage of the global financial crisis, the price is the best time to buy low, such as about seven thousand US dollars Rolex green glass is a good choice.

2: Watch how the election Investment Getting what to buy – brand of choice

Introduction to watch investment

IWC Big Pilot watch

  If you now will be seen as the watch timer would be too out of date, highlight the identity of the watch has been transformed into a fashion accessory, or for collection, preservation and investment, and promoted to the level of art, even if the global recession, with technology value Popular watch is still hard to find a table, and competing owned by investors.

Favorite or investments should have the conditions, what does?

The first is the brand

Brand almost everything, global alike in Asia is even more evident.

Choose a store of value and appreciation potential of the brand

Undoubtedly, a brand is the most naturally increase the value of possible options. In the field of high table, the brand decided about 90% of the value of a watch. Patek Philippe and Rolex is a typical example, the two brands in the mechanical watch collection industry, the car industry is equivalent to Rolls-Royce and Mercedes-Benz are generally stable and noble. Currently the world’s top three pocket watch auction price, are the top ten watches Patek Philippe works. In the previous auction of watches we can see, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet , Breguet, IWC , Piaget , Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre , Girard Perregaux and other brands have a good strength. If you have the strength to invest, you can select this type of line watches. The new season’s most expensive watches styles, ranging in price is usually several hundred thousand to several million dollars. But in the international line auction, the price of these watches are often shot out several times the price of even a few times.

Of course, not all people can come up with large sums of money to the auction will be photographed expensive watch, and some brands are worth considering: FP Journe, Maximilian Busser & Friends (MB & F), Harry Winston’s, “Opuse Series”, Glashutte like.

From an investment perspective, the appreciation of these coming brand will perform better than the old brand. In recent years, some second-tier brand’s classic models prices have shown a rising trend, such as Omega , Breitling and Tag Heuer sports watch brand and other manufacturing fun. Panerai fame in recent years, it is a popular brand, has recognized the potential appreciation of the won.

In dealing with this type of investment, there is an old truth: You should buy what you can afford the best of everything. And only buy what you like. To do this, you must first observe carefully and fully understand what attracts you is a watch.

 3: Watch how to choose what to buy investment – Second look Material

Introduction to watch investment

Material is very important

  Rise in precious metal prices also reflected in the watch into the watch itself already has a store of value function, and precious metals as a carrier material particularity sucked watches, more appreciation potential.

 In material terms, watch investment hedge into three categories.


The first category is gold material, depending on the production of the material, divided into four hedge levels, the first is platinum, followed by gold and rose gold, and finally platinum. Platinum is the highest preservation, because platinum is rare in itself. With platinum in the rising market prices, platinum watch is material collection, the preferred investment. And gold, rose gold and platinum metals are mixed, but K gold doped with different elements. Gold is mainly 18k gold, a precious metal, rose gold is mainly 18k gold added ingredients copper, platinum is 18k gold or palladium doped zinc.

The second category , jewelry watch also increase the value of an important factor, but not to watch carat jewelry as the main evaluation criteria, but in the process, mosaics and other aspects of the difficulty to determine, as a carat Diamonds used in the watch more preservation than with the jewelry.

The third category is the use of a variety of arts and crafts, such as enamel (cloisonne enamel, cloisonne enamel, etc.), carvings and other crafts watches, handicraft technology harder, watch increase the value of the larger space, because the watch has more the combination of many artistic masterpieces masters, high enamel to watch turned into a work of art, so it is worth collecting.

4: how to choose what to buy watches investment – appearance is very important

Introduction to watch investment

Vacheron Constantin 1972

  Special appearance and at first glance gives the impression is very important, which Cartier’s Crash and Vacheron Constantin (Vacheron Constantin) in 1972, the most representative, it is the classic of classics, this two watches rarely appear in the secondary market, once Transaction exposure immediately, magical, so if you get to earn. 5: Watch how the investment function choose what to buy

Introduction to watch investment

Earl homemade 855p movement EMPE rado r Coussion calendar watch

  Function is an important factor in the value of watches available, there is a direct relationship between function and practicality, dual time, world time most general consumers, energy display, moon phase watch , chronograph watches are also good. The strength of the players are favored calendar, tourbillon, minute repeater tables and other complex functions table, there are function and the more technology value and hedge effectiveness, when dispose undertake fast, but to carefully choose the brand and watches.

6: how to choose what to buy watches investment – Limited and Rare

A greater appreciation of the rare chance of styles

Introduction to watch investment

Pictet Pei Li 5350

  If you start with a plan to buy a watch collection and investment value, then the eyes locked in some of the best brand launched a limited edition, a limited edition watch every table in the back are engraved with a unique serial number, together with sufficient proof limited edition watch testimonial identity. Or watch manufacturers introduced special edition watches, some of the watch has been discontinued styles can also be referred to as a limited edition, because no longer produced, increasing the probability and the value is also very large.

One reason is the appreciation of the use of rare materials. For example, a Cartier santos dumont DiamondMax series watch, because the use of a very rare alligator leather, each adult crocodiles can only make three belts, so annual appreciation rate of about 10%.

Low production is a major brand usually someone chase. Patek Philippe watches the history of 5350 should be the new record-breaking pricing table spread with the largest watch auction, priced at about 30,000 yuan US dollars up to $ 80,000 had cried. Its selling point is that the brand value of the first silicon material gossamer escapement wheel and can be anti-magnetic shock, the topic of full, there is a limited 300 charm, give the player Patek Philippe or investor’s identity, it is also expected appreciation of space, it’s price will soar. Patek Philippe watch each with a limit value, the player with mad chase investors, create economic miracles. Vacheron Constantin watch invasive plant 240 anniversary limited edition 1040, the price of about ten thousand US dollars, the long-term growth potential there, the 250th anniversary limited edition equally popular, are currently locked target collector. Some small sign Limited 30 no one reason, which is the difference between the strength of the brand. Now if your hand Patek Philippe 5070 or 5970, as long as the asking price is not an exaggeration, there must be collectors chasing you run, it is the most popular of the table, only the former in 1998 sold for $ 20,000 just come out, and now the value of six million; the 5970 Five years ago, prices of around US $ 80,000, plus the market now half the price in short supply. Additionally a limited number can also affect the market, No. 1, No. 8, No. 68, No. 168, so a synergistic effect, on the 4th, the 13th then dont touch. 7: historical or special significance

Introduction to watch investment

Omega Speedmaster moon table 50 anniversary

  Such as Omega (Omega) of lunar tables, Longines ( Longines ) Lin Baifei rows in the table, of course, and then the same on behalf of funds to only more valuable, if not buy original watches, Omega Museum series engraved watch is also worth having . Patek Philippe invasive plant 150th anniversary table the current market is very high, and large have 4-5 times more profit.

8: The world’s first

Introduction to watch investment

Rolex Daytona 116520

  Such as the first automatic watch, diving watch, quartz watch and so on. Also Rolex Daytona 116520 is world’s most popular chronograph, which uses the star column wheel and vertical clutch assembly timing mechanism for handling timer function more smoothly and accurately, and has a large chronograph second hand is not easy to shake features. In the vertical part of the escapement mechanism, the inside of the balance wheel with four precision screws to fine-tune the speed and configure the double springs, a substantial increase in accuracy, these are few other brand features, most hedge sibling brand , much watches the players favor, almost everyone one, prices are very stable over the years, it is worth having a watch. 9: precious material

Today the movement is very popular, the majority of the material of stainless steel, stainless steel materials into the mainstream, but in the long term platinum, 18K gold precious metals is not bad, is consistent with the principles of collection and appreciation, now mainly watches worth buying also the vast majority They are precious material.

10: Watch investment risk

Introduction to watch investment

Horological knowledge enigmatic

  Horological knowledge enigmatic, sometimes it is thought disorder, but this is fun place. If the watch is not the stock market investment and collection so nervous, it blew out, many relatively mild stable, basically it has a certain international market, the price is extremely transparent, not casually outcry, not because of a single event can not predict the impact of the original capital no return, at least K gold, diamond watches as well as its added value. In this wave of global financial storms can be verified under the watch is still more than any other industry withstand the test, the value of the stock is probably the remaining three percent, but as long as follow the principles of investment and collection, and buy the brand and watches, clocks, most of the stock market as well as eighty percent .

But usually absolutely have to do homework, fake Omega for cheap  listen, watch and correct judgment action is necessary, particularly in the price of network and auction houses to multi-master, in which second-hand table discontinued watch is also a good investment direction, Patek Philippe in 5059 and left-handed version of the PVD Panerai is the potential of stocks, another for some time even sure the prices soar.

In addition, some brands in order to improve performance, deliberately provided a small amount of supply in the early stages, the market presents a vacuum, until prices rise, and then a lot of release, if inadvertently buy at the high point may be stuck with miserable pay, we can produce from complexity, degree of innovation and brand awareness, etc., a glimpse of this watch in the market strength and toughness, at least not stepping on a mine, jumping to buy goods. So long as eight principles of investment and collection of watches, but also have the condition more the better, a good table Xinshou twist that can come in your grasp, then the watch will bring you a lot of fun and wealth.

Zenith Brief History

New image, new products, new leader –Jean-Frederic Dufour took over last year, Zenith ( Zenith ), as this century-old plant to inject new vitality. In everyone scrambling to climb the peak, the competition was very limited clock watch at the market, the CEO first thought is to adjust the marketing strategy. He believes that Zenith has solid technology and high-end taste, and always at the top of the luxury watch industry, proves the brand’s strength. He expressed hope that the true force currently playing when mechanical watches were introduced into the door. Through 111 years of history since 1899 chronograph first chronograph birth date, Zenith. El Primero 1/10 second chronograph second jump, this year’s main event. A series of new models will be launched this year, some astonishing works very worthy of attention.

Zenith Brief History

El Primero 4052 B Automatic movement

Zenith Brief History

Zenith president and CEO Jean-Frederic Dufour

  ”For Zenith, our value lies in the pursuit of simplicity, it is to continue to promote the watchmaking technology. For example, our newest watch can reach 1/10 second jump, which is where our innovation, we can show to the world Even in the 21st century, we can continue to break .1 / 10 leap second technology is patented, and paragraph 176 of the invention is when the true power in watchmaking. ”

Pragmatic change, adapt to the market

In 1969, Zenith El Primero chronograph first born. It was widely used in the 4 Hz (28,000 / hour) when the pendulum frequency, 5 Hz (36,000 times / hour) El Primero chronograph movement turned out. Since then, the watch industry, the addition of a wobble movement value, and everyone on the sidelines look at this new technology. First of all, subversive high pendulum frequency allows mechanical watches more accurate travel time, which is theoretically based on the higher truth wobble more favorable travel time.

El Primero chronograph movement, especially for a significant contribution to the actual test also reached the ideal state. 2016 Swiss replica watches uk for sale Second, El Primero movement precarious stability allows additional more complex functions based movement, every complex function modules are able to successfully achieve accurate travel. However, high-frequency pendulum movement also face challenges, such as prolonged high Wobble wear problems caused by running, lubrication problems, torque problems, etc., but so far the El Primero movement is always updated technology, the high-frequency pendulum bring a problem a solution.

Compared with other brands, fake Omega for cheap there are many different places Zenith, El Primero behalf of the brand pragmatic, change of spirit. Each sophisticated features are added to the El Primero movement, and extends a lot of products, such as chronograph, tourbillon, Zero Gravity tourbillon, perpetual calendar, the three asked, moon phase , alarm clock and other styles, appeared on speed dial instrument, pulse, range finder, and even hollow process. So rich product line so that all can play a timely process, they are based on high-frequency pendulum bring stability and precision. In addition, the brand maintained a consistent way of production, R & D advantage of this freedom to make watchmakers can work vividly invention, which is different from Zenith.

Jean-Frederic Dufour after he took office, the adjustment of the product very well, more than 800 products had reduced to 120, of which 60 belong to the new models. By optimizing the portfolio, now products are mainly divided into three series: for high-end ACADEMY series, hit the side of the El Primero series, as well as tailor-made for the Chinese market Elite series. As LV MH Group members, Zenith has a good reputation in the international market, not just rely on a single global market to maintain the current global total of more than 700 points of sale, the market is widely distributed, 1/3 in Europe, 1/3 In the Americas, 1/3 in Asia. Year 2009, the entire industry has been a very big impact, invasion financial turmoil so true of exports fell by 30%, but performance in the Asian market is still quite good. With the prosperity of China’s market will pay more attention to its own position Zenith. For each company, the development has periodicity, product development and consumer tastes are also closely related. In the past five years, when the real force in the market made ​​a very big success. Today, changes in market tastes of each industry are so, whether it is a tab, cars, or have a return to the traditional footwear trend. May be affected by the financial crisis, consumers want to buy the use of more durable products, Zenith watches can help them achieve this desire, cost-effective products is bound to impress watch lovers. Everything begins with the legend
When the true force in 1999 joined the LVMH Group, it is itself subject to the LVMH watchmaking superb high-level group’s attention, that period has its own movement production is the major luxury goods group focus. LVMH Group Zenith high hopes, will this century-old factory as a core strategy for the future. Passage of time, relying on Zenith El Primero movement firmly foothold in the market, but who knows the history of El Primero will probably come to an end in early 1975. At that time, when you have this brand Zenith Radio US company decided to discontinue the manufacture of mechanical watches, turned the franchise quartz watch . This is an irreversible decision, the company owner plans to all machines, movement, and tools sold as scrap. One watchmaker with US headquarters argue, trying to keep these devices, but failed.

Command headquarters will soon execute on time, which contains a centuries-old tradition of metal material will tonnes sold to the highest bidder. Table watches factory can not accept his master Charles Vermot production equipment, and it was destroyed, risking the loss of work began to hide important tools and components. The precise nature of watchmakers, he will cams, cutting tools, presses and machine individually labeled, and make provision and classification, while in a notebook to record the whole production process.

If one day, mechanical movement to get people of all ages again, El Primero will miraculously reborn. Only nine years later, a miracle happened. On a clear morning, the missing awaited package of equipment repositioning. If you do not brave acts of Charles Vermot, Zenith perhaps long gone. In the early 1980s, a single punch has cost over 40,000 francs, while the production 一枚 El Primero movement in need of such presses more than 150 Taiwan, a total of 7 million Swiss francs. Property, technical and human investment was almost gone Zenith. After several well-known brands began to make movement Zenith supply them with a steady stream of orders for the watch factory to bring new life. 年 2000, LVMH Group, took over the brand, the group decided to retain the Zenith El Primero movement dedicated to watch.

Zenith Brief History

Zenith chronograph new work: El Primero chronograph commander, RMB 43,700

  Timing Competition

Since its inception a half century, Zenith watch factory was awarded 1,420 timing and watchmaking term awards. Although this figure is impressive enough in itself, but which also contains a more amazing facts introduced. In these 1,420 awards, covering 1,398 items first Zenith, will be 98.5 percent of the prize into the pocket. Only real technical achievement and timing to achieve such striking results. The latest successful development of the brand’s technology is “El Primero1 / 10 seconds chronograph second jump,” the first leap second timing device can measure the mechanical movement presented in front of the smallest unit of time, namely 1/10 of a second. Zenith comprehensive grasp of the precision watchmaking skills, and have been successful interpretation of the art of watchmaking make the brand stand out in the many plants, but also reflect the brand’s innovative qualities. In the past few decades, the brand invented and produced a Tourbillon, Open hollow series, power reserve, big date, chronograph, minute repeater and perpetual calendar watches, as well as incidental and night moon phase display, alarm function other wrist table, also created a zero-gravity tourbillon. Year after year, the El Primero annals loaded with its tortuous course of development, its technological breakthroughs and new and improved features. Symbol “star” brand expresses this movement inherent creative force, which shares the invisible force once started, who can not change, regardless of the changes in fashion and trends, it will unswervingly follow their own way forward.

In addition to accurately display the time, the chronograph can also accurately measure the duration of an activity, it is usually used for sporting events, as well as scientific experiments or industrial operations. The ultimate precision complex utility function is not easy to make, and very few manufacturers to master the technology movement, they are real manufacturer of precision clocks. Zenith was the first company to produce an integrated column-wheel chronograph movement with automatic winding watch brand, this legendary El Primero movement is also equipped with another impressive technical achievement: its earthquake frequency up 10 times per second. Since 1969, it is this series produced by the movement to achieve the most accurate timing performance, it is the only one directly connected with the adjustment mechanism of movement, so you can really measure the 1/10 seconds. When the economic and strategic interests at stake, at the vital moment, accuracy and reliability are the most important determinants of the two. Able to withstand the most extreme conditions, the precise timing performance stable and unchanging Zenith chronograph movement has been and will continue to shoulder the aviation, marine, expedition and explore the great mission.

Zenith Brief History

El Primero 36,000 rev / hour chronograph, RMB 59,200

  Reproduce the jumping seconds function accuracy and visibility

Jumping seconds chronograph feature is that every 10 seconds a lap 一枚 through the chronograph hand, greatly improving the 1/10 second jump second reading. With this special design, the outer edge of the dial readings visibility increased 6 times (10 seconds instead of 60 seconds a week a week), so that readings can be entirely accurate to 1/10 of a second. Another feature of the watch is the chronograph stop function. Stop counting operation manual lock braking system stops the pointer accurately. A total of 100 teeth timing gear, brake lever will position the pointer between two teeth, in order to ensure accurate readings to 1/10 sec.

Original El Primero movement, every 1/10 second jump of a cell, 60 seconds turned the dial a week means that every minute chronograph hands jump 600 times. In addition, While walking speed of 10 times the big chronograph seconds of speed pause and resume features require a lot of power support. Therefore, we must watch function significantly improved and optimized to ensure that the needs consume a large amount of kinetic energy of acceleration. To reduce power consumption, the most natural solution is to try to reduce the weight of gear movement, so some of the gear material silicon to become one – because siliceous gear can be 3.5 times lighter than traditional gear.

New glamorous look

By the El Primero 4052 B automatic movement driven new El Primero 1/10 second jump second chronograph, 10-atm (100 meters) waterproof 42 mm case are set with double-sided sapphire crystal, available in 18K rose Gold and stainless steel version available. Rose gold polished version sunray silver dial decorated with the nickel brushed polished circular area. Stainless steel version and rose gold version has three counters, which, stainless steel version of the counter was a blue-gray polished silver sun pattern decorated with three blue-gray shadow on the dial counter. Hands and hour markers are covered Superluminova luminescent coating, stainless steel version of the pointer and the time scale through rhodium-plated, rose gold version is gold plated. This refined and elegant watch can choose black stripes rubber strap or brown crocodile leather strap with stainless steel pin buckle or 18K rose gold pin buckle, also choose stainless steel bracelet with three folding clasp. Revolutionary technology combined with a bit of design, El Primero 1/10 second chronograph second jump to high-precision timing art into a whole new realm.

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