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Omega Glory issued “first ever to go into space Omega” moon table version number


 Classic style timepiece to commemorate the brand’s historic moment

   In 1962, astronaut Walter “Wally” Schirra · (Walter “Wally” Schirra) wearing his own Speedmaster execution Mercury (Mercury program) the “Sigma code number 7″ (Sigma 7 ) tasks, but also for Omega ( OMEGA ) has opened a new chapter in history. October 3, when the spacecraft broke through the sky on the occasion, when the legendary Omega Speedmaster meter long history of space exploration thus opening. In fact, about two and a half later, the super series will be officially NASA for all manned space missions specified watch selected.

Today, inspired by Schirra historic moment to create a brand launched a new super series’ first ever to go into space Omega “watch, to reproduce the original classic style.


On the basis of the original models Omega, “the former Professional Moon Watch” (pre-professional) Speedmaster watch on this new watch case with 18K Sedna ™ Gold building, with symmetrical lugs, and unique 1962 prototypes hippocampus insignia Also presented in the table in the back.

Speedmaster watch most iconic matt chromium nitride tachometer scale on the polished brown ceramic bezel, particularly eye-catching. The same dark brown color is also being used in the dial located on the central silver PVD small and minute scale dial ring; the hour scale and with the “Alpha” style pointer and “baton” type pointer by 18K Sedna ™ gold to create .

To highlight the unique touch, the back of the watch engraved with the application also presents a unique process of “THE FIRST OMEGA IN SPACE” (its first into space Omega), “OCTOBER 3, 1962″ (1962 年 10 January 3) and “NUMBERED EDITION No.” (limited number) and so forth.

This exceptional watch with beige stitching brown leather strap, also equipped with Omega 1861 movement, this movement also used in the famous “Moon Watch” in order to ensure accurate travel performance.

Able to participate in the first human to set foot in outer space journey, Omega deeply glory. For this reason, While this unique Speedmaster watch is also designed as a separate paragraph. While the limited edition “Moon Watch” of the wearer, this only reminds them of Omega important milestone moment, also witnessed the Speedmaster series with classic design stand tall in the river of time the charm.

Keys to grasp the deep Rolex how to conquer the deep sea


“When the dive time is crucial therefore, have accurate, rugged and reliable watch is indispensable..” – Henry Gilman · De Laozi (Henri Germain Delauze), Comex founder said so. In 1988, the French diving company Comex (Compagnie Maritime d’Expertises) of Hydra VIII tasks to the depth of 534 meters set a world record deep dive open water diver during the mission were wearing Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller watch.

Then this watch is a global leader in ocean engineering standard equipment, the company also is the only fully reliable watches for professional divers can dive in the deep saturation. In fact, the precise time control of each stage diving are essential, and this watch has also successfully completed in extreme environments over a thousand dives task. This legendary Rolex watch with a patented helium valve, with the conquest of the deep sea diver. Rolex is launching the latest version of this watch, by adding innovative technology, while also retaining the original watch classic aesthetic features.

 Divers watch

Sea-Dweller 1967 launch, water depth of 610 meters (2,000 feet), and after 1978 increased to 1,220 meters (4,000 feet), designed for seabed staff and hydrosphere, and other deep-diving pioneer explorer and set in covering nearly 70% of the Earth’s surface waters in the shuttle. The Sea-Dweller and divers must also adapt to the mixed gas, this gas is a high-pressure environment provided by helium or hydrogen and other light gases composition for breathing. In order to secure the release of non-destructive gas and avoid potentially fatal decompression sickness before surfaced, the diver must be long decompression, and watch shall go through the same process. In view of this, the launch of the Rolex Sea-Dweller 1967, adding important patents developed means ── helium valve. This safety valve is assembled in the case of cleverly designed, play an important role in the growing popularity of scuba diving activities, while Comex is the leading brand in this category. The late company founder and president of Comex Henry Gilman · De Laozi (Henri Germain Delauze) is a pioneer in deep-sea diving, he had talked about favorite watch: “For divers breathe hydrogen, the Rolex watch is . indispensable, “he explained:” When the dive time is crucial, whether basic operations, changing composition of the mixed gas to calculate decompression stop time or out of the diving bell, a second can not be wrong therefore, have. accurate, rugged and reliable watch is indispensable. ”

This watch is a global leader in ocean engineering standard equipment.


  Conquer the deep sea

To learn Sea-Dweller pivotal position, we have from the beginning of the 1960s, the heyday of the deep human challenge start. Depth limit scuba diving with compressed air is about 60 meters, which is the main consideration physiological factors, such as beyond this depth, the pressure will make the air becomes toxic. Nitrogen content of the general air of nearly 80 percent, nitrogen can cause commonly known as “deep Vertigo” serious anesthetic effect, even for experienced divers will be delirious. At 66 meters below the oxygen it will become dangerous, because too much oxygen can affect the nervous system, give rise to spasms and loss of consciousness.

Because divers may be affected by the impact of decompression sickness, it is to neutralize these gases accumulate, they can not return to the surface too quickly. If the diver to stay at sea level 60 meters 40 minutes or less, will have to spend two hours slowly rising, and during which more shall decompression stops along several times, this procedure must be strictly carried out, otherwise it will not discharge inert gases accumulate in the body . In addition, divers must also ensure that there is enough air in the period of stay in the water. Since the decompression time increases with depth, 60 meters deep to cross barriers, we clearly need to seek other solutions. The early 1960s, two innovative approaches emerged: one is the development of different ingredients mixed gas and air for breathing, eliminating the toxic effect of air; the other is saturation diving, this method will help shorten decompression time, and reduce the attendant risks.

Purely mechanical fan IWC Portuguese IW545408 Comment

Calm, generous IWC Portuguese series has been a vast number of table fans are obsessed with the subject, to tell you the one before IWC Portuguese white plate and blue needles on the 7th chain watch to get everyone’s attention, as detailed in ” belongs only to men table! IWC Portuguese 7 IW500107 watch Comment . ” Today we bring another one is Portuguese series IW545408 watch, this watch does not use Portuguese series 50,000 common type movement , instead of using the historic 98,000-type manual winding movement, as it watch in the end how to interpret with me please.

IWC Portuguese series IW545408 watch movement Comment:

This watch uses the IWC 98000-type movement, the specific model 98295. Give you about 98,000 Caliber features: 98000-type movement in the mid 1930 successfully developed, was then widely applied to hunter pocket watch products, after constantly updated improvement, improve the accuracy of travel time, and shock resistance. Eventually became a manual winding watch on the large choice, currently used section of the movement of products from Portugal Jones series, IWC IWC replica series of some Portuguese and Portuguese manual winding tourbillon and other products.
Give us talk about some of the differences and 50000 98000-type movement type movement. The biggest difference between them is that the former is a manual on the chain, which is a self-winding type. There are 98000-type movement Caliber more than 50,000 slim, slim 98000-type movement with 46 hours of power reserve, compared to 50 000-type movement up to seven days of power reserve becomes much shorter .

IWC Portuguese series IW545408 watch Appearance Review:

Although there is no use 50000-type movement but still continues the oversized table diameter of Portuguese style series, 44 mm diameter oversized table ivory dial, golden time scale dial, golden willow-shaped pointer, 6 o’clock there a small seconds dial. Sapphire crystal back through the bottom of the table, the overall design style or to maintain calm the Portuguese conservative, understated luxury between.

IWC Portuguese series IW545408 watch picture Appreciation:

    This watch followed the Portuguese series of consistent design style, atmospheric minimalist design. Ivory dial with gold timescale and willow-shaped pointer appears to be very capable and clean.

    Sharp willow-shaped pointer is like a sword-like pinpoints the time for you to always grasp the precise time to provide the most beneficial help.

    98000-type movement only by providing 46 hours of power reserve, this movement focuses its precise manufacturing processes go on when and shock resistance, coupled with an overall thickness of only 10 mm after the case.

    All black strap, including suture strap traces it follows the black line. Blue and white plate needle Portugal seven practices or slightly different, probably due to design using the golden pointer color, the overall style is more calm competence, unlike the white plate and blue needle design has become more dynamic young fashion.

    Diameter 37.8 after movement sapphire crystal back through a glance, this movement a total of 18 mosaic stones. We can only see a portion of the exposed stones.

    The sheer beauty of machinery, through the transparent bottom of the table can glance. This movement takes the form of a manual chain, allowing you to recover the share of the wearer apart from the original mechanical watch the beauty of power.

    Each IWC watch at the factory after 28 rigorous testing to ensure that the IWC watch excellent quality, but also embodies the perfect IWC watches every detail, including the fine to a LOGO.

Only 10 mm thick case with a stainless steel material, very rounded curvature of the design of lugs and no stiff feeling.

    We can see a long blue gossamer pointer, this pointer is used to trim the roots, through its fine-tuning can always take the time to ensure accurate watch watch travel time. Many automatic mechanical watch is by some small adjustment means to adjust the accuracy of travel time watch, this watch is by using a needle to adjust the gossamer, and like Rolex is by posing the speed of the inside wheel 4 counterweight tuning screws.

Summary: If you are an avid mechanical power elements so I think this watch than the robot Portuguese seven more for you, and Portugal seven same design but need to rely on manual winding to power is this wrist One of the characteristics of the table, of course, in most people’s eyes appear on the manual chain is a more complicated thing, so this self-winding watch than the seven Portuguese cheaper in the domestic price of 71,000 yuan , face Portugal than seven automatic chain so much cheaper price, like the mechanical sense you’ll HOLD live it?

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