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best fake watches uk

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Hublot BIG BANG 44mm jewelry watches presentation

Hublot Hublot launched a new fine jewelry watches , studded with 891 diamonds and the United States, including 440 baguette-cut diamonds and 451 brilliant-cut diamonds, total a staggering 28 kt!

White gold case inlaid 88 rectangular diamonds and 219 brilliant-cut diamonds (total weight of about 7.17 kt), platinum bottom table rectangular belt studded 344 diamonds and 232 brilliant-cut diamonds (total weight of about 20.69 carat).

18K white gold of black dial , equipped with 44 mm Big Bang self-winding chronograph movement , superb diamond mosaics, fusion movement classic, elegant and stylish design style Big Bang, all gives this watch in pure quality.

Watch carefully designed details on the ubiquitous, two chronograph buttons are decorated with 14 small diamonds, eight hours of time were also set with baguette diamonds.