Cartier justify the collection of high technology

Cloisonne painting its gorgeous colors and unique complex production process, make it half a century ago all the rage, but the production process of enamel table, there are many unpredictable factors, such as uneven heating during firing, etc., that use the same glaze may not be able to burn out of the same color. Requires a high temperature of 800 ℃ with more than 20 procedures performed enamel firing, glaze every step possible fracture, the risk of subtle changes in color occurs. Thus, the viewer is not careful, the entire production project will come to naught.

Enamel painting, sculpture and hand-hit are very important, they add decorative very artistic qualities of watches, enamel table are each a work of art, almost exclusively so that each table have become collectors enamel grounds .



18K gold TORTUE LM enamel watch, engraved with hand-painted horse graphics

Enamel table gives vitality, those decorative pattern full color, always filled with endless imagination. Or the precious fragrant wood imitation eagle feathers, or green and blue enamel to reproduce snakeskin pattern, or with precious stones and timber recreate shells textures, all show us novel depicting vivid miniature picture. In the gold and diamond against the background, turtles, eagles, snakes, pandas, horses and dragons and other patterns on the dial turns the stage, vividly wait for the passage of time.



PASHA DE CARTIER 18K gold enamel watch, hand-painted engraved dragon graphics

Always with the design of new crystallization process

With the creation of enamel craftsmanship Cartier increasingly complex, and the first with a fretwork carved inlay, gold and

Diamonds, so more modern styling. Full color decorative pattern always filled with endless imagination to valuable fragrant wood imitation eagle feathers, green, and blue enamel to reproduce snakeskin pattern with stones and wood together to recreate a tortoise shell texture. Brand new watch show extremely veritable miniature picture.

Enamel gold pattern

Outline the contours of the use of gold thread, soluble powder inside is filled mainly by silica, quartz and borax, adding hundreds of species of metal oxides dye ingredients from enamel production master through extremely precise 840 ℃ high temperature firing.

Engraved enamel, embedded Golden color

To facilitate the carving, this process needs to be carried out under conditions hollow. Tab can master through the dial, it has been engraved on the case according to a pattern. Production process includes copying engraved pattern on the enamel. Only need to dial a number of steps and repeatedly fired to complete. In the firing process requires precise techniques, because it is a key step enamel flower shape, line and color depends.