Rolex Collector’s Edition books let you know more about Rolex

” Reference sequence number 6542 of the same period table has not inserted aluminum bezel? ” ” Wanted to know whether the bezel has been replaced? ” By the editor Mondani release of the second edition of “Collecting RolexGMT-MASTER wristwatch.” (Collector’s Edition Rolex GMT- MASTER watch) can resolve various incurable diseases to your Rolex.


The second edition of “Collecting Rolex GMT-MASTER wristwatch.” (Collector’s Edition Rolex GMT-MASTER watch) In addition to the Rolex depth study outside, also introduced in recent years show a variety of styles made ​​to provide current purchase and sales GMT- Master the information needed to watch, while improving the previous version of the content.


Only to be found in this book 50 years of the first paragraph to the newest watch. Bezel, dial and case deviation is to focus most of these factors can help determine the value of mobile phones today. “Collecting Rolex GMT-MASTER” (Collector’s Edition Rolex GMT-MASTER ) is about Rolex GMT – MASTER particular books, including the last century 50 ‘s made ​​the first watch manufacturer to the last watch, including sample forms, military series , strap and all kinds of case and the various dials.


Content provided in this release also include collectors and watch fans always wanted to get those reference sequences, such as the reference sequence 6542 , 1675 , 16750 , and other sequences. For each reference sequence will publish a detailed list of all features of the end of the year and production start time of the surface, and the quality of the watch (on the crystal, bezel, bracelet, case back, crown chain, containing year of production the case number, dial, movement …… ).

Such a comprehensive analysis of the content of books Rolex watch, must once again by the industry and certainly with collectors sought after Rolex Collector’s Edition books, make you more understanding of unparalleled luxury, sublime watch world.

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