Purely mechanical fan IWC Portuguese IW545408 Comment

Calm, generous IWC Portuguese series has been a vast number of table fans are obsessed with the object before everyone introduced a IWC Portuguese white plate and blue needles on the 7th chain watch to get everyone’s attention, as detailed in ” belongs only to men table! 7 IW500107 IWC Portuguese watch Comment . ” Brought to you today is the addition of a Portuguese series IW545408 watch, this watch does not use a series of commonly Portugal 50000 type movement , instead of using the historic 98,000-type manual winding movement, as it wristwatch in the end how to interpret with me please.

IWC Portuguese series IW545408 watch movement Comment:

This watch uses the IWC 98000-type movement, the specific model 98295. Give you about Caliber 98000 features: 98000-type movement in the mid-1930 successfully developed, is widely used at the time to watch hunters product, after continuous improvement update and improve the accuracy of travel time, and shock resistance. Eventually became a large hand-wound watch of choice, currently used section of the movement of products from Portugal Jones series, IWC IWC replica series of some Portuguese and Portuguese manual winding tourbillon and other products.
Give you talk about some of the differences 98 000 50 000-type movement and the type of movement. The biggest difference between them is that the former is a manual on the chain, which is a self-winding type. There are 98000-type movement Caliber more than 50,000 slim, slim 98000-type movement only 46 hours of power reserve, compared to the 50 000-type movement up to 7 days power reserve becomes much shorter .

IWC Portuguese series IW545408 watches Appearance Comment:

Although there is no 50000-type movement but still continues the oversized table diameter range Portugal style, table diameter 44 mm oversized ivory dial, time scale gold dial, golden willow-shaped pointer, as well as 6 o’clock a small seconds dial. Sapphire crystal back through the bottom of the table, the overall design style or to maintain calm the Portuguese conservative, low-key luxury between.

IWC Portuguese series IW545408 watch picture Appreciation:

    This watch Portugal followed the series of consistent design style, simple design atmosphere. Ivory dial with gold willow-shaped pointer and the time scale is very skilful and tidy.

    Sharp willow-shaped pointer is like a sword-like pinpoints the time, you always grasp the precise time to help provide the most advantageous.

    98000-type movement by providing a power reserve of only 46 hours, it is this movement focuses on accurate travel time manufacturing processes and vibration performance, coupled with an overall thickness of only 10 mm after the case.

    All black strap, strap stitching including traces follows the black line. Blue and white plate needle Portugal seven practices or slightly different, probably due to design using the golden pointer color, the overall style is more calm competence, unlike the blue-white disk-pin design has become more dynamic young fashion.

    Diameter 37.8 movement after the sapphire crystal back through a glance, this movement totaling 18 inlaid gemstones. We can only see a portion of the bare stones.

    The sheer beauty of machinery, through the transparent bottom of the table can glance. This movement takes the form of a manual on the chain, allowing you to wear it over to retrieve the original share of mechanical watches the power of beauty.

    Each IWC watch at the factory after 28 rigorous testing to ensure that the IWC watches, excellent quality, but also embodies the perfect IWC watches every detail, including the fine to a LOGO.

Only 10 mm thick case with a stainless steel material, very rounded lugs curvature design did not feel stiff.

    We can see a long blue gossamer pointer, this pointer is used to trim the roots, through its fine-tuning can always ensure accurate time to go watch watch travel time. Many automatic mechanical watches through some minor adjustment means to adjust the accuracy of travel time watch, this watch is by using a needle to adjust the gossamer, and like Rolex is by posing the speed of the inside wheel 4 counterweight tuning screws.

Summary: If you are an avid mechanical power elements then I think this watch than the robot Portuguese seven more for you, with the same seven Portuguese style but need to rely on manual winding to power is this wrist one of the characteristics of the table, of course, in most people’s eyes appear on the manual chain is a more complicated thing, so this self-winding watch than seven Portuguese cheaper in the domestic price of 71,000 yuan the face of more than a self-winding Portugal seven so much cheaper price, you’ll like the mechanical sense HOLD live it?

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