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Limelight Party Disco Ball Ladies Watch


  2, party carnival

  Piaget Limelight Party series


Hong Kong director Wang Fu Wah International Group sickle, in an interview, said Hoogewerf, their most popular watch brand is Earl. Value Orientation Earl (Piaget) watch the “altar table jewelry masters. ” In 2007, Piaget Limelight Party launched a series of watches, of which the most recommended styles Limelight Party Disco Ball when the number of the female form.


This watch is a 1970s era’s most legendary color Disco mirror ball as inspiration. Wear a face plate were embedded 114 diamonds (weighing about 2.1 kt), folding clasp 10 inlaid diamonds, sapphire crystal, black silk strap, the most suitable time to participate in the carnival party.


In addition, because this watch has been awarded Best Female Award of winning jewelry watches Haute Horlogerie in Geneva Grand Prix, the collection value and therefore more significant. Currently on the market price of about 30 million yuan.

Chanel Première Perles



  3, elegant beauty

  Chanel Première Perles


20 years ago, Chanel to a “Première” watch watch stage debut, with great success. ? In 2007, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the launch of the watch, Jacques Hailu designed a new watch – “Première Perles”.


Only watch more compact precious, it is the original “Première” and “Mademoiselle” combination watch dial shape is the original “Première” in Paris Yoshito Square and Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle is inspired by the octagonal, and bracelet is used “Mademoiselle” watch the famous pearl bracelet. Dial set with 34 baguette-cut diamonds, pearl bracelet from the 194 Japanese Akoya pearls worn FIVE platinum embedded in woven chain.


This watch is in perfect pearls and diamonds with the next, filling the elegant beauty, is very suitable to wear when attending the solemn occasion, women will add a lot of charm. The current market price of 400,000 yuan.



 Watch the daily maintenance

1, the regular use of a soft lens cleaning cloth or lens cleaning paper to clean the watch and strap, metal case and strap can be cleaned with a damp cloth or water.

2, pay attention to water issues . Do not wear the watch Turkish bath.

3, the physical properties of diamond – lipophilic. When attached to the diamond surface oil, diamonds will become increasingly yellow, if possible to avoid such occurrences, and afterwards must go clean.

4 some special functions such as stopwatch, alarm clock, etc. to try to avoid frequent open. Otherwise it will exacerbate the friction loss of the movement.

Regular maintenance considerations

1, mechanical watches generally used 3–5 years later it must be sent to the relevant service point do maintenance.

2, for the age-old watch or very complicated watch movements best to go back to the factory for maintenance and repair.

3, if possible, should the parties request repair and maintenance records for future verification checks.

Cartier Art Masters Series crocodile embossed Flying Tourbillon

Rotonde de Cartier watch, crocodile decorative patterns, relief

This predator image undoubtedly Cartier Cartier one of the most emblematic Animal, watch series, with its bold interpretation reliefs and shine while special attention.


It requires special expertise showing agate blue nuance from black to white Chan, without damaging the stones. This attractive watch has a flying tourbillon complication and printed distinguished Geneva Seal: called art and watchmaking masterpiece.


Cartier new watch collection crocodile decorative arts watch parameters

Case: 18K White Gold

Crown: beaded crown set with a convex sapphire

Dial: 18K white gold, natural agate embossed crocodile

Strap: semi-matt black alligator strap

Clasp: 18K white gold double adjustable folding clasp

Water resistance: 30 m / 100 ft / 3 bars

Movement: Workshop production for 9452 MC-type hand-wound mechanical movement, won the Geneva Seal, floating tourbillon with C-shape Tourbillon Framework Directive seconds

Back: sapphire crystal

The world’s limited number issue 30

Omega Glory issued “first ever to go into space Omega” moon table version number


 Classic style timepiece to commemorate the brand’s historic moment

   In 1962, astronaut Walter “Wally” Schirra · (Walter “Wally” Schirra) wearing his own Speedmaster execution Mercury (Mercury program) the “Sigma code number 7″ (Sigma 7 ) tasks, but also for Omega ( OMEGA ) has opened a new chapter in history. October 3, when the spacecraft broke through the sky on the occasion, when the legendary Omega Speedmaster meter long history of space exploration thus opening. In fact, about two and a half later, the super series will be officially NASA for all manned space missions specified watch selected.

Today, inspired by Schirra historic moment to create a brand launched a new super series’ first ever to go into space Omega “watch, to reproduce the original classic style.


On the basis of the original models Omega, “the former Professional Moon Watch” (pre-professional) Speedmaster watch on this new watch case with 18K Sedna ™ Gold building, with symmetrical lugs, and unique 1962 prototypes hippocampus insignia Also presented in the table in the back.

Speedmaster watch most iconic matt chromium nitride tachometer scale on the polished brown ceramic bezel, particularly eye-catching. The same dark brown color is also being used in the dial located on the central silver PVD small and minute scale dial ring; the hour scale and with the “Alpha” style pointer and “baton” type pointer by 18K Sedna ™ gold to create .

To highlight the unique touch, the back of the watch engraved with the application also presents a unique process of “THE FIRST OMEGA IN SPACE” (its first into space Omega), “OCTOBER 3, 1962″ (1962 年 10 January 3) and “NUMBERED EDITION No.” (limited number) and so forth.

This exceptional watch with beige stitching brown leather strap, also equipped with Omega 1861 movement, this movement also used in the famous “Moon Watch” in order to ensure accurate travel performance.

Able to participate in the first human to set foot in outer space journey, Omega deeply glory. For this reason, While this unique Speedmaster watch is also designed as a separate paragraph. While the limited edition “Moon Watch” of the wearer, this only reminds them of Omega important milestone moment, also witnessed the Speedmaster series with classic design stand tall in the river of time the charm.